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We are a dynamic team that builds big things. Our expert integration consultants and dedicated research and development team work together to create innovative software products and solutions. That enable you to capitalise on the digital economy.

Expert Consultancy

Our expert enterprise integration consultants find the best SAP solutions for your organisational challenges, with full end-to-end support.

Digital Innovation

We develop innovative software products and creative business solutions using Internet of Things, blockchain and the latest SAP cloud technologies.

Leading Education

As official SAP educators, we offer expertly crafted workshops to train your teams and build SAP PO and Cloud Integration knowledge capacity.

Watch Our Smart Meeting Room in Action.

Harness the internet of things to change the way you work. Our smart meeting room platform transmits sensor data to your facilities dashboard, so you have total control over the functionality of your spaces. Monitor areas and repurpose unused space, as well as save energy for your business.

Why choose Rojo?

Why choose Rojo?

Future proof your organisation with digital solutions 

Boost efficiency by streamlining business processes

Enhance and improve current business models

Discover valuable new insights from your data

Work with an award winning SAP partner 

The Digital Economist

Stay in-the-loop on industry news, and discover new product features and updates from the inside.

Ship to Shore: Asset Tracking with IoT Sensor Data

Ship to Shore: Asset Tracking with IoT Sensor Data

Missed our webinar earlier this week “Powering Enterprise: IoT and Supply Chain Management” co-hosted with our partner SAP? You...

SAP TechEd from the Eyes of a Self-Declared Integration Enthusiast

SAP TechEd from the Eyes of a Self-Declared Integration Enthusiast

SAP TechEd is a hugely important source of information, which some might refer to as the Holy Grail of Information and...

SAP TechEd 2017: A Developer’s Experience

SAP TechEd 2017: A Developer’s Experience

As tech-enthusiast and professional I’ve always dreamed of being able to go to one of the huge developer-tech conferences...

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