With offices in Breukelen and Barcelona, Rojo is a system integration and data analytics consultancy that also offers innovative software solutions and managed services on them. All these components feed each other and form a perfect cycle to help us move forward.

Our dynamic and ingenious team focus on technology and the market, looking at the big picture. We anticipate, learn and adapt. We become experts and use our knowledge to enable organisations to capitalise on the digital economy.


Our mission is to reduce complexity through improving existing business models. We believe in working towards a simpler future, not just for business, but for the world.


We strive to catch the new waves of technology from the early stages and build up solutions while the wave reaches its peak. At Rojo we pride ourselves on the level of our industry knowledge. We were the first to create a Cloud Platform Integration accelerator for SAP, and our co-founders are authors of the official SAP integration books. It is important to us to share the knowledge within the team and the industry.

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