To integrate with there are a variety of simple, powerful, and secure APIs. With these APIs, you have programmatic access to your B2B or B2C information. Our accelerator allows you to access the order data, to view and manipulate the logistic and delivery data between and your own business process.

What it does

  • Viewing the orders from and obtain the order data
  • Viewing and changing the stock data for your products
  • Obtaining and traceback the delivery data
  • Getting the messages that are failed to send

Key features

  • Querying and searching
  • Secure authentication with OAuth 2.0
  • Dynamic configuration with payload and headers
  • JSON payload

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Use Cases

Taking End-to-End Integration Monitoring to Atom Level

Shine a light on the dark areas of your Boomi AtomSphere with end-to-end-monitoring using Splunk.

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Access Delegation and Data Sharing Across the Supply Chain with iSHARE

Unlock the potential of your supply chain by securely sharing data with our iSHARE accelerator.

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Automated Incident Creation in ServiceNow Based Upon ERP Events

Eliminate inefficiency with our ServiceNow accelerator and automatically create incidents based upon events happening in your ERP system.

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