Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Amazon’s cloud web hosting platform that offers flexible, reliable, scalable, easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions. The accelerator enables the SAP Integration Suite tenant to exchange information with AWS in a seamless way.

Featured highlights

  • Supports for S3, and SQS protocols on the sender side.
  • Supports for S3, SQS, SNS, and SWF protocols on the receiver side.
  • AWS S3 to read and push files from and into AWS S3 service.
  • S3: Append timestamp to the file name.
  • S3: Option to choose storage class.
  • S3: Existing file handling option.
  • S3: Server-Side Encryption.
  • S3: Add customer metadata.
  • AWS SQS to read and send a message from and to an AWS SQS queue.
  • SQS: For standard queue, the option to provide a delay.
  • SQS: For the FIFO queue, the option to provide message deduplication id and message group ID.
  • AWS SNS to push real-time notification messages to interested subscribers over multiple delivery protocols.
  • SNS: Option to provide Identical/Custom Payload.
  • SNS: Option to provide Message attribute.
  • AWS SWF to provide full control over implementing tasks and coordinating them.
  • SWF: Option to determine request and response format.