The Microsoft Azure Blob Adapter for SAP Integration Suite runs on the SAP Integration Suite. It enables users to exchange documents between Microsoft Azure Blob and any surrounding application in the ecosystem such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP ERP as well as non-SAP applications. It supports various use-cases, including analytics. Accelerate the integration with Azure Blob today!

What it does

  • Streamline various use-cases between any ERP system and Azure Blob, including analytics.
  • Quickly connect, retrieve and send data to Azure Blob.
  • Synchronise and share data securely between SAP systems and Azure Blob.
  • Easily discover Azure Blob resources and their respective metadata and fields.

Key features

  • Securely read from and write files to Azure Blob.
  • Archive files to different folders or containers.
  • Change access tier while archiving.
  • Enable duplicate check while reading the files.
  • Read a specific file in the middle of a flow
  • Support for SAS token and Shared Key.
  • Supports archival of the files once the processing is complete.
  • Option to change the access tier while performing post-processing.
  • Option to have duplication check enabled based on blob key or blob name.
  • Supports reading of a specific file in the middle of a flow using receiver adapter

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