Exact Online is the business software for entrepreneurs and accountants which covers both accounting and CRM, providing firm foundations to build a strong company. Our Exact Online Snap Pack for SnapLogic enables you to integrate your Exact Online system with other applications, to help you manage the business processes of Accounting, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Accountancy, Timing & Billing, and Project Management. Exact Online Snap pack helps in speeding up of implementation time while reducing the effort and hence reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

The Snap pack consists of:

  • Exact Online Create snap
  • Exact Online Read snap
  • Exact Online Update snap
  • Exact Online Delete snap

What it does?

  • Create new entities in ExactOnline
  • Update existing entities in ExactOnline
  • Delete existing entities in ExactOnline
  • Query data in ExactOnline

Key Features:

  • Secure connection with OAuth 2.0
  • Supports CRUD operations on standard entities of your Exact Online environment.
  • Supports automatic pagination and advanced pagination can be controlled by skip and top query parameters.
  • Supports various OData query parameters such as: top, orderBy, filter, skip, count and select
  • Supports connection failed retry mechanisms.
  • Supports Ultra pipelines.

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