HubSpot is a marketing, sales and customer service  software, specially designed to implement the  methodology of Inbound Marketing and thus be able to work each area of the marketing funnel. Our HubSpot Snap pack enables your organisation to integrate your HubSpot CRM, Marketing hub, Sales hub, Service hub and/or CMS hub with other applications, allowing your organisation to grow geographically with security and stability.

The Snap pack consists of:

  • HubSpot Read snap
  • HubSpot Create snap
  • HubSpot Update snap
  • HubSpot Delete snap

What it does?

  • Create new entities in HubSpot
  • Update existing entities in HubSpot
  • Delete existing entities in HubSpot
  • Query data in HubSpot

Key features:

  • Secure connection with OAuth 2.0
  • Covers 46 APIs and over 339 endpoints
  • Execute CRUD operations on HubSpot entities
  • Support for Query parameters to search, limit, order, and filter data
  • Supports client-side pagination with skip and top mechanisms
  • Supports retry mechanisms to handle connection failures

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