The Rojo iSHARE accelerator enables you to prepare your SAP ERP system for iSHARE implementation in a quick and easy manner. This way, adapting your current integration landscape or the messaging structure is not even necessary. You only need to join the iSHARE network and share necessary documents for your supply chain with the iSHARE foundation.

What it does

  • The iSHARE accelerator takes care of validating parties involved in the iSHARE network via Scheme Owner integration.
  • Request and validates any delegation policy from iSHARE Authorization Registry.

Key features

  • Supports out of the box integration of iSHARE Scheme Owner and Authorization Registry components.
  • Generate JWT token with algorithm RS256 as per iSHARE standards.
  • Retrieves Access Token from parties adhering iSHARE.
  • Support for identification via EORI-number, the mandatory scheme in European import and export business.

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Use Cases

Access Delegation and Data Sharing Across the Supply Chain with iSHARE

Unlock the potential of your supply chain by securely sharing data with our iSHARE accelerator.

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