Unlock the potential of the data your Apache Kafka or Confluent data! With the Kafka Monitoring Application for Splunk, start gaining quick insights into your Kafka platform. The application comes with pre-built dashboards enabling a quick and smooth setup.

The app consists of

  • List of current Topics, Topic Partitions, current events, Under Replicated Partitions, Active Controller
  • Trends of Total Event
  • Broker Status that specifies whether a broker is running or down.
  • Topic Statistics
  • The total size of all Brokers
  • The trend of Size (MB) on all Brokers
  • Topic Details of each Broker
  • Bytes In on Broker
  • Bytes Out on Broker
  • Procedure request latency
  • Leader board. Example: Top 10 topics by event count and by size

Boker Health statistics

  • CPU Usage trend for Broker
  • Memory Usage trends for Broker
  • Details of since when the broker was up and running
  • Details of since when the operating system was up and running
  • Running Processes per Broker
  • Individual CPU Utilization per Broker
  • Top processes by CPU Utilization
  • Disk Usage trend per Broker