Unlock the potential of your Confluent Kafka or Confluent data! With the Kafka Monitoring Application for Splunk, start gaining quick insights into your Kafka platform. The application comes with pre-built dashboards enabling a quick and smooth setup.

The app consists of

  • List of current Topics, Topic Partitions, current events, Under Replicated Partitions, Active Controller
  • Trends of Total Event
  • Broker Status that specifies whether a broker is running or down.
  • Topic Statistics
  • The total size of all Brokers
  • The trend of Size (MB) on all Brokers
  • Topic Details of each Broker
  • Bytes In on Broker
  • Bytes Out on Broker
  • Procedure request latency
  • Leader board. Example: Top 10 topics by event count and by size

Broker Health statistics

  • CPU Usage trend for Broker
  • Memory Usage trends for Broker
  • Details of since when the broker was up and running
  • Details of since when the operating system was up and running
  • Running Processes per Broker
  • Individual CPU Utilization per Broker
  • Top processes by CPU Utilization
  • Disk Usage trend per Broker