Confluent Kafka is a powerful and scalable streaming platform designed to handle real-time data streams efficiently. It builds upon the Apache Kafka project, offering additional capabilities and tools that simplify the deployment, management, and integration of Kafka in various applications. Companies should consider using Confluent Kafka because it enables them to easily manage their data pipelines, process and analyze data in real-time, and effectively handle high volumes of data from diverse sources.

With Confluent Kafka, organizations can build robust, event-driven architectures that facilitate seamless data flow across systems, ensuring faster data processing, real-time insights, and improved overall operational efficiency.



With features that enable the easy access, storage, and management of data as continuous, real-time streams, Confluent Kafka is a tool many organizations utilize. To fully harness the potential of this platform, an efficient way of monitoring its activities is essential. The pre-built dashboards of the Splunk Monitoring Application for Confluent Kafka target vital aspects of a Confluent tenant in relation to performance, usage, and brokers’ statistics.

Ensure that business operations run smoothly and determine the best action to be taken in case of any anomaly with the powerful Confluent Kafka Monitoring Application for Splunk.




Confluent Kafka offers a host of key features that streamline data streaming and management. A powerful Overview dashboard provides a centralized hub for monitoring and managing data streams. The visualized statistics present critical insights at a glance, simplifying the interpretation of complex data trends.

Lastly, the platform conveniently displays Brokers and Consumer statuses in one view, streamlining system health checks and ensuring seamless data flow across the organization. These features collectively empower businesses with an efficient and user-friendly solution to harness the potential of real-time data streams.

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Current Topics

List of current Topics, Topic Partitions, current events, Under Replicated Partitions, Active Controller. This includes total events and topic statistics.

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Broker Status

Broker Status that specifies whether a broker is running or down.

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Broker Details

The total size, the trend of Size (MB) and the topic details of each Broker

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Bytes on Brokers

Bytes In on Broker and Bytes Out on Broker

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Procedure Request

Procedure request latency

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Leader board

For example: Top 10 topics by event count and by size