Microsoft Dynamics delivers modern, intelligent, and unified CRM software and apps that work seamlessly together to help you increase marketing ROI, drive sales results, and improve service delivery. With the SAP Integration Suite accelerator we’re adding another seamless link to your integrated enterprise.

Featured highlights

  • Simplify discovery of Microsoft Dynamics CRM entities and their properties using the provided Eclipse Plug-in.
  • Support many operations.
  • Support for OData Query.
  • Support for FetchXML Query.
  • Processing data in single or batch mode.
  • Ability to expand Navigation Properties.
  • Support outbound headers.
  • Support pagination.
  • Secure authentication with OAuth 2.0: Every REST call between Dynamics CRM and SAP CPI is secured by the OAuth 2.0 industry-standard protocol for authorization.
  • Supports dynamic configuration with headers and properties.
  • Support for XML and JSON formats.
  • XSD generation: the adapter comes equipped with an Eclipse Plug-in which generates XSDs representing the object in Dynamics CRM.