Our MQTT accelerator enables and supports the end-to-end connectivity of IoT devices to your SAP landscape, providing you with endless possibilities to enrich your existing business processes and lead your market with innovative business models.

What it does

  • Marketing and sales: Flexible billing and pricing models
  • Product development: Connected quality analysis
  • Operation and manufacturing: Real-time asset and material tracking
  • Customers: Dashboard for usage and performance of products
  • Information and operational technology: Seamless IoT data integration
  • Service and support: Condition-based predictive maintenance and service

Key features

  • Support for consumption and publishing of messages via the MQTT protocol
  • Support for security including basic authentication and encryption with SSL and TLS
  • Support for multiple QoS levels
  • Supports subject based or topic filtering of messages
  • Enabled topic wildcards to allow the simultaneous subscription to multiple topics
  • Possibility to maintain messages
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Support for MQTT version 3.1.1 and MQTT version 3.1
  • Persist session
  • Detailed trace

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Use Cases

Automated Product Replenishment in Salesforce with IoT

Connect Salesforce with MQTT to ensure a fast and timely sending of information regarding an automated order placement.  

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Automatic Service Case Creation in ServiceNow with IoT

Integrate ServiceNow and MQTT to ensure your service agents are immediately notified when there is a new service case.

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