Our innovative Office 365 accelerator simplifies and seamlessly integrates your business processes between Office 365 and other SAP applications, so you can focus on more on the business functionality and less on the underlying technology.

What it does

  • Access data from multiple Microsoft cloud services
  • Integrate with the known Office entities and relationships, such as Office 365 users, groups, files, mail, calendars, events and contacts
  • Trigger or act on Office 365 Outlook emails, messages and alerts
  • Synchronise data from any human resource software product with Office 365

Key features

  • Supports multiple Office 365 APIs exposed by Microsoft graph
  • Perform CRUD operations on all Office 365 entities
  • Secure OAuth 2.0 connection
  • Adheres to user specific permissions by conforming to the roles set up in the Office 365 tenant
  • Incorporates the Office 365 messaging functionalities
  • Detailed query filters to retrieve specific data
  • Supports automatic XML – and time zone conversion
  • Detailed trace for extra logs

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Use cases

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