Companies pour millions into CRM, but many initiatives won’t succeed. Synchronising custom CRM data and integrating it into your sales forecasts and campaigns is exactly what our Salesforce accelerator for SAP Integration Suite offers to keep your sales people up-to-date and motivated.

What it does

  • Orchestrate and perform integration logic between multiple systems
  • Synchronize transactional and master data
  • Consolidate date for CRM migration
  • Retrieve data reports and dashboards
  • Manage over flow to Salesforce
  • Process batches for large data sets

Key features

  • Supports 18 versions of Salesforce
  • Secure OAuth 2.0 connection
  • Implementation accelerators for Eclipse
  • Custom Salesforce integration features
  • Automatic event streaming notifications
  • Real-time events streaming
  • Aggregate data for compliance or auditing
  • Invoice creation for successful opportunities
  • Integration with cloud, legacy systems and IoT

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Customer Synchronisation Between Salesforce and SAP S/4HANA

Integrate your ERP system with your CRM platform and allow everyone in your organisation to work with the latest relevant data. 

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