This innovative integration accelerator simplifies integration processes between ServiceNow and SAP Integration Suite, giving you real-time insight into critical service processes. Collaborate efficiently with departments and resolve issues faster.

What it does

  • Manage IT service relationships across your IT infrastructure
  • Improve IT service delivery by retrieving records to streamline Incident Management
  • Simplify IT service delivery by consolidating the request and tracking of IT services

Key features

  • Secure connection with basic authentication
  • Execute CRUD operations on any tables
  • Automatic conversion for JSON / XML
  • Detailed trace for extra logs
  • Query parameters to search and filter specific data
  • Synchronize service tickets between your on-premise applications and ServiceNow
  • Consolidate, Incident, Problem and Change management
  • Orchestrate and perform integration logic between multiple areas

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Use Cases

Integrating SuccessFactors with ServiceNow Asset Management

Automate the synchronisation of your HR platform with your asset management solution and speed up on and offboarding processes of employees.

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