SnapLogic is a powerful platform that specializes in enterprise integration and data integration. Its main function is to enable organizations to connect and integrate various applications, systems, and data sources in a seamless and efficient manner. With SnapLogic, businesses can automate workflows, transform and process data, and gain real-time insights, facilitating agile decision-making and driving digital transformation.

To seamlessly integrate data from diverse sources into the Snaplogic platform, Rojo has built the ideal solution to enable a fast and robust adoption for Snaplogic.



Splunk’s SnapLogic Monitoring Solution is a game-changer for organizations seeking quick and valuable insights into their SnapLogic platform. With its powerful add-on, it effortlessly retrieves essential pipeline information, including the number of processed messages and the overall health of your SnapLogic application.

Say goodbye to tedious manual monitoring and embrace real-time anomaly detection. It effortlessly collects health data from SnapLogic groundplex and cloudplex servers, enabling seamless searching, monitoring, correlating, reporting, alerting, and troubleshooting. Maximize your SnapLogic experience with this cutting-edge solution.



To optimize your business processes, you must be able to follow the information flow that run through them. Keep your processes connected by getting all the essential insights into the interfaces. Our Snaplogic Monitoring App for Splunk is a comprehensive monitoring solution that provides critical Snaplogic Platform and Transactional Data insights. Lay the foundation for your organization’s end-to-end process observability and run IT operations and business efficiently with this adapter!




Experience the power of Snaplogic landscape visibility with our pre-built dashboards that offer real-time insights into pipeline execution status, task metrics, user insights, plex health, and activities within Snaplogic. Gain a quick glimpse into multiple orgs, empowering you to troubleshoot failed executions with ease. Unlock the full potential of Snaplogic with our comprehensive visualization tools.

Detailed Analysis of messages processed

Gain a comprehensive understanding of message processing in SnapLogic with our detailed analysis, showcasing the trend of messages over time. Our message overview provides filters for plex and pipeline names, offering relevant information and correlation between pipeline runs and payloads sent from SnapLogic. Easily access custom payload details by clicking on the pipeline name, and view associated events if applicable. Additionally, visualize message counts by plex location on a world map. Unlock valuable insights into your SnapLogic environment with our powerful analytics capabilities.

Troubleshooting capabilities

Easily troubleshoot pipeline executions with our dedicated ‘Pipeline Execution Troubleshooting’ dashboard. Quickly identify and analyze failed executions, along with the errors encountered, providing valuable insights into areas that require attention. Leverage the click-to-filter capabilities in the message overview to pinpoint specific issues. Extract additional details from SnapLogic and send them as a payload to Splunk, where they can be correlated with the pipeline execution and displayed for further analysis. Streamline your troubleshooting process and ensure optimal performance

Plex Health

Gain comprehensive insights into the health status of your SnapLogic plex with detailed node status and relevant information presented through an intuitive overview and interactive charts. Easily access information about all nodes within your organization, allowing you to monitor their performance and ensure smooth operations. Stay informed and optimize your SnapLogic environment with real-time plex health updates

User Activity

User Details in SnapLogic can be viewed through the `Users Insight’ dashboard that provides an overview and details of users with expired passwords, locked accounts, active users, service accounts etc. This dashboard also shows activities performed on assets by the user over time in the SnapLogic tenant.

Activity Monitoring

Dive into the information about activities within the org which gives insight about the sessions started with details by user in Snaplogic, trend of sessions, number of CRUD operations done on assets, a dynamic asset overview by clicking on any operation and the detailed history of any asset selected, details about the assets, trend of activities over time.

Task Metrics

A quick view and visualization of tasks executed in SnapLogic through the “Tasks Metrics” dashboard that provides an overview of pipelines exposed as a REST endpoint in Snaplogic. This dashboard also provides metrics on the available number of calls that can be made in the Snaplogic tenant as well as the limits on calls and concurrent calls to be made and the number of concurrent calls currently being made.


Along with the Snaplogic solution, we also provide the documentation as a guide to set up the add-on and app in Splunk. With the help of this guide, a Splunk admin should be able to configure the Snaplogic Monitoring App and Add-On and share the app with Splunk users with the right privilege.

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Alerting over anomalies

Alerts will be triggered within the Splunk platform for the failed message, alerts are also triggered for pipelines taking longer time to run where the duration is configurable, and also when the plex goes down.

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Free text search

An easy-to-use and fast-paced search dashboard to look for any data information pulled from SnapLogic or sent as a payload.

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