An out of the box application to install on your Splunk instance to gain deeper insights into your Solace environments. The Splunk Monitoring Application for Solace pulls your operational data from Solace and sends it to Splunk, so you can search, monitor and correlate data, use reporting, alerting and troubleshooting functionalities to reach end-to-end monitoring.

Unlock the potential of your Solace data today!

The application comes with prebuilt dashboards to monitor:

  • Clients
  • Subscriptions
  • Statistics
  • MsgVpn
  • Topics
  • Queues

Featured highlights

  • Saved search functionality and necessary macros.
  • Default source types to accept the data in valid JSON format.
  • Prebuilt dashboards providing real-time insights to visualise the queue and subscription status.
  • Documentation to support users through the process of installation.


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