SugarCRM is one of the market leaders and leading supplier of Customer Relationship Management software. Allowing businesses to create customers for life, it is the world’s first no-touch, time-aware customer experience platform. With the SugerCRM SAP Cloud Platform accelerator, we have reduced the implementation time and the complexity of connecting to SugarCRM with SAP. It’s now the time to take your customer experience management to the next level!

Featured highlights

  • Support for multiple  API versions.
  • Supports multiple operations, including Create Record, Delete Record, Get Record by ID, Query Records, Update Record, Upload a File, Global Search, and Bulk.
  • Support for OData Query parameters like filter, top, count, select, and search.
  • Ability to retrieve all linked Objects of a Module with Query Records.
  • Ability to Link or Unlink records.
  • Supports outbound headers.
  • Supports pagination.
  • Secure authentication with OAuth 2.0.
  • Supports dynamic configuration with headers and properties.
  • Support for XML and JSON formats.
  • The adapter comes equipped with an Eclipse Plug-in which generates XSDs representing the object in SugarCRM.