Workday’s enterprise management cloud allows you to bring all of your business data (finance, HR, planning, payroll, operations, and more) into the same system and build your business to adapt to what’s next. And now with the Workday accelerator for SAP Integration Suite, you can add another link to your integrated enterprise.

Featured highlights

  • Simplify the discovery of Workday entities and their properties using the provided Eclipse Plug-in.
  • Support API versions v32.0, v34.1 and v34.2.
  • Supports over 45 services.
  • Supports operations over the services, including create, read, update, delete, assign, manage, import, etc.
  • Supports pagination.
  • Supports dynamic configuration with headers and properties.
  • Support for the XML payload format.
  • Supports Basic Authentication mechanism.
  • XSD generation: the adapter comes equipped with an Eclipse Plug-in which generates XSDs representing the object in Workday.

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