Accelerate your connectivity

Business transformation starts with the plethora of applications are available in the market and today’s connected enterprises are running hundreds or even thousands of them across various departments. The number of applications varies depending on the size, age and industry of the organisation. Departments have the freedom to choose the technologies and the applications to execute their tasks. That is why it is important to make sure these applications are integrated and run seamlessly. This connectivity also connects the different departments of the organisation, allowing the business to run faster.

Business Transformation Journey

Each application has APIs that allow the app to be extensible and help with integration. As integration is at the core of Rojo, we build our service and product portfolio around it. From strategy to operation, we help our customers along their business transformation journey. We take their needs and suggestions into consideration to build software to enrich the integration platforms we’re partners with.

API Management

Besides consultancy and software development, we also assist our customers with API management. Further, we can take all that data generated by API management and integration to see the real value of it. With our analytics and monitoring services, we help organisations to make smart business decisions based on insights and stay competitive, not to mention ensure all integrations are running seamlessly.

Enterprise integration

Integrate the applications and systems running across your IT landscape as well as all the departments of your organisation. To speed up business processes by automation, we partnered with the industry leaders that offer the best solutions across on-premises, hybrid and multicloud environments.

API management

Connect your data and business processes securely while protecting your digital assets from threats and overloaded access. Using the best API management platforms, we create the best solution for our customers for successful API adoption.

Analytics and monitoring

Gain full visibility of your interfaces and prevent downtime of critical applications with end-to-end monitoring. We turn silos of operational data into actionable insights for your business and even help your employees become citizen integrators.

Stay competitive with Integration as a Service


A scalable solution to take away all integration related painpoints so that you can focus on your business targets rather than dealing with integration challenges. With the Rojo Integration as a Service, you get integration experts in your team. We become an extension of your team, and the bridge between you and your new integrations for a smoother onboarding process.