At Rojo we believe in being socially responsible as individuals and as a company. Our focus is to give back to the society and to be sustainable for future generations. Starting from the first day, we have been committed to our social responsibility goals.


We believe the children are the future and sadly not all of them are fortunate enough to have access to education. With a quality basic education, these children can break the cycle of poverty and fulfil their potential. As Rojo, we have been contributing in kids’ education by sponsoring children of single parents in non-privileged countries. We also organise coding sessions for children under Hour of Code.

Future Generations

Together with our long-term customer Achmea, we started a project to help Amani Kids which is a children’s home in Tanzania, providing homeless kids a nurturing place so they can heal. Together we designed and developed a child case management system & performance/impact measurement system to help Amani Kids, which will enable Amani to keep track of the children, plan appointments, generate reports, and measure its impact in the long run. The project aims to help the volunteers working at Amani and, most of all, the children in need in Tanzania.

You can learn more about the activities of Amani Kids here.

Christmas Givings

Every year, our colleagues have the chance to spread some holiday cheer through our Christmas Giving program. Each colleague can make a charitable donation to a cause of their own choosing via The Social Handshake Christmas Giving platform. It is the perfect chance to give back and make a positive impact on the world during the festive season. After all, embodying the true Christmas spirit is all about spreading kindness and generosity to those who need it the most.


Some of our clients are based in different countries, but we limit flying to only when necessary and encourage non-conventional meeting options. Additionally, we encourage green transportation alternatives; we reimburse employees’ public transport costs as the Dutch trains run on green energy and when leasing new company cars, we go for the greener options with full electric vehicles to reduce emissions.


Following our tradition of investing in the reforest, rojo partnered with Trees for All to plant trees in the Netherlands and Borneo. Planting new trees in Borneo will help reforest the forest of Borneo, the natural home of numerous creatures such as the Orangutans. Through our donations, we aim to create a better climate, promote biodiversity, and improve living conditions for current and future generations.