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The cloud adoption is growing and enterprises are increasingly adopting numerous SaaS applications. Today, the IT landscape of organisations spans across both on-premise and cloud. The challenge is to ensure all these applications and services work well together by integrating them securely and reliably. We focus not only on achieving results, but finding the best possible outcomes across Integration Platform as a Service (iPaas) and on-premise middleware for the unique challenges enterprises face. Partnering with the best platforms in the market we help our customers with selection paths, quality assurance, project implementation, consultancy, support and maintenance. 

Platforms we work with

With a rich SAP backend ecosystem, you can integrate exchange data in real-time between systems, processes and B2B partners using SAP Integration Suite. Its integration capabilities cover a wide range of on-premises solutions and cloud applications.

SnapLogic, the Intelligent Integration Platform is an advanced and modern integration platform which has more than 500 snaps. Providing a simple and fast way to build a connected enterprise, SnapLogic's unified platform enables users to connect, transform, exchange, manage and predict.

As one of the pioneers in enterprise iPaaS, Boomi has a deep understanding of the market’s key needs. Boomi’s intelligent, flexible and scalable platform quickly and easily unites everything and everyone in your digital ecosystem across channels, devices and platforms.

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