Earlier this month, we celebrated our Office Manager Bianca’s 5 years at Rojo. While listening to her, I looked back at my 3 months at the office and decided to talk with some colleagues to hear about their stories. 

Following our regular Friday morning stand-up we gave Bianca a beautiful bouquet of flowers which for the day made her desk colourful and full of joy. In the afternoon, it was a special Friday happy hour with Bianca’s favourite cakes, which our HR Manager Gilda had discreetly asked her beforehand.

During her speech Bianca told us some of the highlights of her time at Rojo, one being how she witnessed the growth of the company with every new office move and new colleagues joining the team. Being one of those new colleagues (I have been working at Rojo only for 3 months), going to work is never a hassle for me anymore. I know I will see my colleagues who are also my friends and in between fully-focussed work moments we will share a laugh together. I personally feel appreciated and at home at Rojo. If not every day, every other day I learn something new and I challenge myself while gaining great experiences. I asked a few colleagues what they thought and how they felt about working at Rojo -just out of curiosity.

I had noticed that Gilda, our HR Manager, was becoming fond of playing Mortal Combat lately and she said It can be hard work, but there is always time for a “friendly” game of Mortal Kombat. I am glad to be part of this friendly, corky and bright minded team of people”. Just like me she also thinks there are enough challenges to keep her focused and to learn new things.

Lygel has been working at Rojo for over a year and a half as an Enterprise Integration Consultant. He said exactly what I was thinking: Rojo is more of a family than a workplace for me and I look forward to every working day at the office, especially on Fridays when most of the colleagues are at the office”. Our consultants are often at clients but it’s a full house on Fridays, then it’s always fun and very lively at the office. Lygel also mentioned that he likes working at Rojo because of the encouragement and freedom to work on projects that he likes to. According to him ,this creates a positive atmosphere with a “go get it” attitude. I am not a consultant nor a technical person, but I do also agree on this; if there’s something I would like to try or initiate, I have the liberty and more importantly, the support to do so.

I also spoke with Sander, who has been working at Rojo for over three years now. His studies were business oriented, but he felt that something was missing although he enjoyed his studies. He realised he wanted to combine his knowledge of business with IT. It was then he found about the Software Engineer retraining program at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Rojo was a collaboration partner of this program and that’s how their roads crossed. After two informal interviews, he became part of the Rojo team. At Rojo, we believe in opportunities and that people deserve them. Enthusiasm and skills that can be developed are always appreciated here, and how Sander joined the team is a great example of that. Sander now is a Business Development Manager besides being also an Enterprise Integration Consultant. Just as he wished for, at Rojo he combined business and IT. He told me: I feel challenged in finding solutions both in IT programming and soft business domains, business development”. Just like every member of the Rojo team, he enjoys the free-spirited atmosphere and how we push every day to deliver sustainable and innovative integration solutions to our customers, together. He says that he will keep developing himself along with the team and believes that we can grow to great heights.

Just as any job, there are challenges, naturally. Not every day is the same and sometimes it gets stressful. But the nicer days make us all see the bright side and help not to dwell too much on the troubles. Hearing these stories from my colleagues only makes me think about years to come at Rojo. And I have no doubt that time will fly by as it sometimes still feels like I started here only a couple of weeks ago. 

– Zeynep, Marketing Manager