Climate change is happening and there’s no denying it. Every little contribution is important to fight against it. There is no Planet B, but only one Earth and we all should take steps to save it.

Carbon emissions is a major cause for climate change and CO2 emissions from commercial flights are rising. At Rojo, we have clients from different countries, but we limit flying to only when necessary and encourage non-conventional meeting options. We do not stop there. In the Netherlands, NS trains run on green energy and we encourage our employees to use public transport by reimbursing their public transport costs. When leasing new company cars, we go for the greener options with full electric vehicles to reduce emissions.

We also applied in our new office with circular furniture and decided to go paperless. On top of that, we try to create awareness when possible to our partner and client ecosystem.

Small steps lead to big changes and starting today is still not too late. So how do you act on climate change?