The “Powering Enterprise: IoT Supply Chain Management” webinar is fast approaching and we want to provide you with a taste of what’s to come.

In partnership with SAP, and with guest speakers from SAP Germany and SAP Netherlands, we will be exploring SAP Leonardo, the most powerful digital innovation tool yet. SAP Leonardo brings Internet of Things and services together to help businesses power digital transformation.

What’s more, Integration Architect Roberto Viana of Rojo Consultancy will be delving into a highly relevant use case scenario, to show you how you can harness Internet of Things sensor data and SAP Leonardo to improve the overall performance of the supply chain.

Not only by detecting anomalies in the supply chain, but by actually predicting and taking preventative action on these anomalies, enterprises can run smoother and more cost effectively. Thereby significantly reducing maintenance and operational downtime.

During this dynamic hour-long webinar, we will be shining the spotlight on the logistics industry, and applying our smart IoT Supply Chain formula onto the vital processes in cargo shipping.

From sea to shore, the shipping industry’s processes and systems must run as smoothly and safely as possible, in order to distribute vital resources around the globe. There must be little margin for error in this essential process. By improving the supply chain in merchant shipping, whole economic models become more sustainable and prosperous, effecting each business, product and customer positively.

The beauty of this use case scenario is that it works not only in logistics, but can be tailored and applied to any other industry in the world. IoT supply chain management, is exactly that. Effectively managing the supply chain by utilising these innovative, and powerful tools.

Are you tantalised enough to join this dynamic SAP webinar on November 28th? Learn how to harness the power of IoT in your supply chain, by signing up here.

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