Celebrating the future of tech.

Team Rojo Innovation joined thousands of other tech developers, data scientists and innovators at Europe’s biggest conference dedicated to Internet of Things last week. Held at Utrecht’s impressive Jabeurs conference centre, we joined a whole host of others celebrating the love for Smart Technology.

The event brought together key industries, developers and IoT enthusiasts from all over the world for a day of inspiring presentations, thought leading workshops, from leading industry speakers.

Topics of the day included Smart Cities, Connected Living, Connected Health & Wearables, Virtual Reality, Data & Security, but really that’s the tip of the iceberg. The big kids among attendees also had the opportunity to test drive all the latest smart tech, turning the expo arena into a high-tech toy shop complete with mini drones flying overhead.

Keynote speakers of the day included Matt Feigle, Senior Customer Engineer at Google, talking about the science behind Google Wind (yes, really). Daniel Gebler, CTO of Picnic, the online grocery delivery service that’s disrupting the distribution and logistics chain with its technology driven business model. Damiaan Zwietering, Developer Advocate of Data Science at IBM, the specialist who has spent his career on achieving real world results innovating with information. He presented the importance of data science and how we can learn from IoT data, using machine learning and AI.

Jaromil, CTO and Co-Founder of Amsterdam based Think & Do tank Dyne.org gave a stirring presentation on data security. Jaromil leads a community of digital artisits, critical makers and free software developers on cryptography, peer to peer networks, decentralisation and blockchain technologies. Jaromil took the audience into his world, explaining how creativity is at the heart of the hacking community, and talked of the threats and challenges in IoT.

Partners of the event included Google Cloud PlatformTesla, INGOracle and Bosch. This was a day full of hands-on labs, hackathons, technical sessions and workshops all focused on the technology of the next era: the Internet of Things.