Following months of hard work and collaboration the Rojo iSHARE accelerator is now available at the SAP App Center. With this accelerator it is only a matter of plug and play when it comes to implementing iSHARE in your supply chain. By packaging all the required functionality into one comprehensive accelerator to work according the iSHARE data sharing standards, SAP clients will have an easier and faster iSHARE onboarding.

The announcement was made today during the Data Sharing Days in The Hague which we participated along with SAP, HPE and of course iSHARE. Data Sharing Days will continue tomorrow with conferences and Roberto Viana from Rojo will be giving more information with different use cases on how iSHARE changes the future of data sharing and supply chain.

Contact us for more information on our iSHARE accelerator or how iSHARE can elevate your organisation’s supply chain to the next level. Check out the iSHARE accelerator on the SAP App Center here.

Jan Penninkhof, Enterprise Architect at SAP (l) with Roberto Viana, Managing Partner at Rojo Consultancy (r).