Last week some of our integration consultants were at the SplunkLive! event in London and they had a chance to hear client success stories and learn how companies are using Splunk to improve their business operations.


At Rojo, we are leaders in SAP integration and a distinguished Splunk partner. Splunk is an incredible “Google for log files” which helps organizations to detect, identify, act on and prevent problems or incidents across their IT landscape in near real time. We help our clients to identify potential issues and support them in their Splunk journey to tackle challenges that may occur.

Being part of SplunkLive! was important to us, not only because it was a great chance to represent Rojo but it was a great opportunity to interact with other Splunk experts, listen to client success stories, and understand how companies around the world are dealing the vast amount of data that is generated daily. There was one thing all these companies had in common; before they started using Splunk, they were not using the high potential of their data. The data was there, but they did not have the ability to extract it, see it,question it and use it in real-time for key decision making in their business and strategy. During the event they explained how they use Splunk to improve their operations.

The possibility to draw real time statistics and visualization on the data gives companies a holistic visibility of their systems enabling them to identify any potential threats or incidents and act on them quickly and swiftly. Enterprises can benefit immensely from the power of Splunk to predict the potential problems that can happen in their IT landscape by continuously monitoring the data flowing in their organization in real time.

James Hodge, Chief Technical Advisor at Splunk

We think along with our clients and offer them business driven solutions to cope with problems related to the lack of insights and business process visibility. If your company wants to know how to tap into the value of your data to get the answers you need, our enterprise integration consultants at Rojo can definitely help you in that journey!