Scale up your business processes.

Digital transformation is the way forward to gain competitive advantage. Ensuring all different systems in your organisation are connected gives you a head start to gain this advantage. But, are you struggling to streamline these business processes? Or are you integrating a new CRM or ERP system, adopting or migrating to a new SaaS platform however facing challenges? We know that project complexity, delivery delays can come with high costs and damage customer satisfaction in the end.

With the Rojo Integration as a Service, you get integration experts in your team. We become an extension of your team, and the bridge between you and your new integrations for a smoother onboarding process.

To give you the complete integration solution, Integration as a Service can also be combined with our other managed services. Depending on your needs we offer up to 24/7/365 proactive or reactive monitoring of your integrations.

Simple and scalable.


Based on your organisation and project needs, the Rojo Integration as a Service is scalable and comes with a pay-as-you-go model. You might need more support tomorrow but then it might calm down. Our flex services come into play with this. It is the perfect fit for any organisation and for SaaS provides regardless of their size.

Bring us your integration needs,
we will give you the integration experts and platforms with our all-in-package.

Platforms we work with

With a rich SAP backend ecosystem, you can integrate exchange data in real-time between systems, processes and B2B partners using SAP Integration Suite. Its integration capabilities cover a wide range of on-premises solutions and cloud applications.

SnapLogic, the Intelligent Integration Platform is an advanced and modern integration platform which has more than 500 snaps. Providing a simple and fast way to build a connected enterprise, SnapLogic's unified platform enables users to connect, transform, exchange, manage and predict.

As one of the pioneers in enterprise iPaaS, Boomi has a deep understanding of the market’s key needs. Its intelligent, flexible and scalable platform easily unites everything and everyone in your digital ecosystem across channels, devices and platforms.

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