We’re living in a fully connected world and this applies to both individuals as well as enterprises. To be able to tackle the rapid technological disruption and change, it is essential to become a Connected Enterprise.

To help businesses on this route, we developed a new accelerator for Snaplogic’s iPaaS platform: The Exact Online Snap Pack. With this accelerator, it is now easier to leverage your existing SnapLogic and you can connect any ERP to Exact Online with ease.

To understand what it does, let’s look at a business scenario: Imagine a big hotel chain that accumulates a high volume of invoices in each hotel branch from corporate clients. These invoices need to be handled both by the hotel and the clients. However if entered manually, trying to handle these invoices is difficult, inefficient, slow and is open to manual errors – both for the hotel and the clients. With our Exact Online Snap, these invoices do not need to be handled separately and you can submit a final and collective invoice to your clients.

How does the Exact Online Snap Pack tackle the problem?
In this use case, the invoices are sent from individual ERP systems to the corporate headquarters, from there the individual invoices are collected per client-id and sent directly to the corporate clients or via a cash-cycle management SaaS, such as Order2Cash. The Snap acts as a bridge between Exact Online and the corporate-clients, retrieving documents in a secure manner and transferring them to Order2Cash. SnapLogic does all the data-validation and data mapping-logic once the data is in. This way you don’t have to go through the complexity of APIs and operations provided by Exact Online. The Exact Online Snap Pack can be used in combination with any ERP or SaaS system.

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