In 2011 when Rojo Consultancy started, the aim was to become a leading integration company and broaden horizons by going international. In 2019, this became reality; Rojo Consultancy has opened a new office in Barcelona, Spain.

With clients in Spain, Latin America and USA, it was a well thought strategical move to open a Rojo office in Barcelona – to get closer to our clients. Rojo, meaning red in Spanish, is now brought to its origins. Both the founders and the team in Netherlands are looking forward to feeling the energy Barcelona will bring in. Almost a decade ago the very first Rojo office was at Spaces in Amsterdam and now at Spaces 22 Arroba Mar, it’s a nod to the beginning. With the marina and the sea a stone’s throw away, this new office will reinforce one of our core values: Work hard, play hard.

That’s what we call an office with a view!

Our co-founders Roberto Viana and John Bilay speak on behalf of the whole team: We’re excited and looking forward to co-create with our clients and partners who are ready and also looking forward to work with us. And they add, this is the first step outside the Netherlands and definitely not the last one.

It is only fair to say that it is a proud moment for everyone and the whole team’s determination and willingness have brought us here today. With the opportunity to swap offices for a period to work on projects, this new office will bring sun and new energy to everyone.