Enterprise Integration

Become a fully integrated enterprise.

We work with iPaaS, API management and on-premise middleware.

The pressures of today's digital demands arise new integration challenges, and as no two companies are the same, neither are their integration needs. There is no such thing as "one size fits all" in this industry. We know that customization is the key to achieve a landscape that is robust and scalable.

With vast experience in process orchestration and integration in cloud, on-premise and hybrid landscapes, together we can build the best solution tailored to your organisational needs. Just get in touch with your requirements and let's work to future proof your organisation, together.

API Management

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) represent the foundation that enables companies to actively participate in the digital economy. Through every system connection there is at least one API interacting with other applications and exchanging data. A business needs API management solutions that can support the API needs of employees, consumers and partners without compromising the stability and reliability of exposed back-end systems functionality.

Our Solutions


API Management for visibility and control, allowing you to design, secure, analyse, and scale APIs anywhere. Apigee Edge is the intelligent API management platform that allows companies to provide connected, seamless, digital experiences and increase the speed at which they innovate and adapt. 

SAP API Management

SAP's API management is based on Apigee technology and adopted by SAP for its own cloud platform. It provides secure governance over APIs based on open standards such as SOAP, REST, OData, with enterprise grade security. Plugin to the API economy and watch your business accelerate.

Integration Platform as a Service

In simplest terms, iPaaS is a platform for building and deploying integrations within the cloud and between the cloud and enterprise. With iPaaS, users can develop integration flows that connect applications residing in the cloud or on-premises and then deploy them without installing or managing any hardware or middleware.

Our Solutions

Dell Boomi

Dell boomi is a cloud-based integration platform that enables companies to build A2A and B2B interfaces through their sophisticated and robust middleware suite on the cloud. They deliver a wide range of technical and business application adapters that makes it very efficient for customers to support integration as on multiple industries.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration

SAP Cloud Platform Integration comes with a rich collection of pre-existing integration scenarios that can be configured and run with fast turn around time. We enable your organisation to go live with totally integrated in-cloud business processes, so you can run as an efficient digital enterprise.


The SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud, is a simple, fast, and intelligent platform that empowers enterprise IT organisations and lines of business to connect. SnapLogic delivers over 450 pre-built connectors, called Snaps, connect to just about anything. Our Snaplex elastic execution kernel can run in the cloud and behind the firewall. It has been named in three consecutive years as part of Gartner's renowned Magic Quadrant  for iPaaS.

On-premise Middleware

As more applications and data move to the cloud, application leaders face increasingly complex integration requirements: within the same cloud, across different clouds and with on-premises endpoints. Supporting these diverse topologies in your hybrid integration platform strategy has become crucial. We worked with different applications and platforms. 

Our Solutions

Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi supports both on-premise and cloud integration scenario’s such as SFTP, database, EDI and ERP integration. Boomi is capable of catering to both On-premise and cloud integration needs, it fits in the middle of two cloud applications or a cloud application and On-premise application.

SAP Process Orchestration

This powerful platform integrates internal applications, facilitating the requirements to collaborate with your customers, vendors and partners. Streamline business processes by harnessing the best of SAP Process Integration, Business Process Management and Business Rules Management. We can enable your organisation to design, develop, run and monitor its complex business processes in easy and efficient manner with secure and reliable data exchange.

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Our SAP integration training packages are tailored to your business needs, so you can build team capacity, drive organisational proficiency and achieve strategic goals. All delivered on site by trusted SAP partners.


Fine tune your organisation by creating efficient, powerfully automated CRM and Services Management systems with our SAP Cloud Integration Platform accelerators, that support the super-fast, secure flow of valuable data.


Get expert guidance from our official SAP Press publications. Learn first hand how to perform SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Cloud Platform Integration, and uncover the best solutions for your challenges.