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Leverage the power of the Internet of Things


As integration specialists, we know a thing or two about enterprise resource planning systems, and with the Internet of Things you can unlock even more business potential. As machine-to-machine integration, Internet of Things sensors are able to connect devices to the physical world. 

Applied to business processes, the capabilities of the Internet of Things can greatly enhance systems, processes and entire business models, allowing for more efficient functioning. Leveraging the power of the Internet of Things creates a vast array opportunities for your business.  



IoT can impact every aspect of the supply chain and revolutionise the ways in which companies move and control assets. We can now monitor the status of assets in real time throughout the supply chain. As well as performance measuring and reporting, providing you with new insights.

By implementing IoT into the supply chain we can uncover new and previously unexplored business potential. The automation of business processes improves the quality and predictability at lower costs, further streamlining business processes. 


Make your meetings even smarter with our IoT sensors that enable you to track and monitor the use of meeting rooms. Live data is streamed to your facilities dashboard, so you can analyse data, receive reports, and send notification messages to your booking system.

Optimise meeting room usage by monitoring no-shows and early leavers, and uncover new insights from your data. So, you can better understand the human geography of your physical space. Leading to further benefits like saving energy and repurposing unused space.

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