Our enterprise integration architect Roberto Viana gave an interview about the added value of iSHARE. You can read the full interview below.

Integrating systems to facilitate the digital transformation for businesses – that’s what Rojo Consultancy does on a daily basis. The combination of cloud integration and iSHARE enables faster, easier, more secure and more reliable integration between logistics organizations, according to Roberto Viana, an enterprise integration architect at Rojo Consultancy. “Thanks to iSHARE, our customers are sure that their data is in safe hands.” 

Roberto Viana from Rojo Consultancy is keen to point out that data sharing in the supply chain is nothing new; EDI standards relating to the transmission of electronic messages to customers and suppliers have been around since the 1970s. “So far, the method used for data sharing has often stood in the way of closer supply chain collaboration. System integration can be very time-consuming, complex and hence cost-intensive. It can take months before an integration is completed successfully.”

Viana is speaking from experience. His company is specialized in integrating ERP systems, particularly SAP systems. “We bring together various different solutions under the SAP umbrella but we can also integrate them with non-SAP systems. For example, in the case of a trading company that places a purchase order with a manufacturer and then works with a carrier to transport the goods, a lot of data is exchanged between the various links in the supply chain. Needless to say, not all of them will necessarily use SAP software.”

In safe hands
Rojo Consultancy wants to enable its customers to share data with other parties in the supply chain easily, quickly, securely and reliably. iSHARE plays an important role in making that possible. “Thanks to iSHARE, we’re taking not just one step forward but two. We all know that data is seen as ‘the new gold’. Companies are becoming increasingly critical and less willing to share their data. They’re no longer prepared to hand over crucial, valuable data without a second thought. If they use iSHARE, they know for sure that their data is in safe hands.”

One key advantage in Viana’s view is that companies using iSHARE can precisely define which organization is permitted to view which data. “Coming back to the example of the trading company that places a purchase order, one part of the data from the order is relevant for the carrier, whereas another party in the supply chain might need to see a different part of the data. iSHARE makes it possible to handle that with precision.”

Plug and play
Rojo Consultancy has already taken the necessary steps so it can implement iSHARE in practice. “Implementing iSHARE is definitely not a matter of ‘plug and play’; it requires more than that. However, we make it plug & play for our customers by ensuring our accelerators, connectors and integration business-content for SAP Cloud Platform are compatible with iSHARE. All our customers have to do is arrange the user agreement with iSHARE, and then they can quickly start enjoying the business benefits our iSHARE solution offers.”

Interested to know what business benefits iSHARE when combined with SAP can enable for your organization? Have a look into this blog and contact us directly.