SAP Process Orchestration (PO) is one of the most widely used on premise middleware because of its reliability and stability. SAP PO allows your enterprise to be more flexible in order to be able to respond to ever changing business demands.

SAP PO comes as an entire package that includes the necessary tools to act as Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Business Rule Management (BRM), and Business Process Management (BPM). The combination of these three is a powerful tool that enables users to simplify, accelerate and integrate business processes. On top of that, together with SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI), PO becomes a great and complete integration platform for hybrid landscapes. Our Enterprise Integration Consultants ensure that your organization’s IT tools and processes are integrated on a single platform and run smoothly.

“I have been using only one component of SAP PO so far, but now I understand the others as well!”

At Rojo, it is very important to us to ensure our consultants are experts at what they do and that they keep broadening their horizons. Which is why, last month our experienced Enterprise Integration Consultant Swati Singh has been giving trainings to some of our colleagues, to help them move to the next step.

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