Is your enterprise ready for the IoT?

The Internet of Things is rapidly changing the way in which we are experiencing reality as we know it. Enterprises are in a race to develop the most advanced and beneficial technologies in order to create a data connected, interwoven informational world.

To scratch the surface, here are just a few ways in which IoT will improve organizations:

1. It’s all about data.

Sensors connecting consumables and various other inanimate objects to the internet means that these things will have the ability to be monitored. This includes consumer behaviour, fed back to machines through complex algorithms will allow machines to learn from these insights. In turn, creating live streaming brand engagement, personalised product recommendations and intelligently targeted advertising. Which, of course, is excellent news for marketing and sales teams.


2. Asset Management

IoT will enable assets to communicate with organisations. Rich data being fed through the IoT will empower machines to, well, metaphorically, speak to their organisations. Providing insight into how their assets are performing, how you can improve steps, or even disrupt your supply chain.


3. Track and Trace

IoT will hugely benefit the manufacturing, logistics, and distribution industries, and already has begun. Planting sensors in shipping containers, and monitoring various other distribution chains, enterprises will have live-streaming data on where their products are at all times. Taking into consideration such variables as geolocation, congestion, weather and natural disruption, businesses will be able to improve security, efficiency, and accountability.


4. Business Process Efficiency

Streamlining all those complicated, hefty business process to one easily accessible, integrated dashboard, is the way forward. IoT devices feeding back data to such a system to monitor, track and manage business processes, allowing organizations to mine data and improve processes efficiency on all levels.


5. Boost in Productivity

The integration and orchestration of business processes, inevitably leads to boosts in productivity. From mining such data, organsations will learn new insights and be able to further streamline processes thus leading to higher productivity levels due to the reduction of inefficient and unnecessary fuss.

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