1. Welcome to the cloud.

It is said, that 2017 marks the beginning of the age of the Cloud. Now more than ever, enterprises are employing a strong cloud strategy, seeing it as less of an excess and more of a necessity. Across the globe companies struggle with efforts to keep up with the digital transformation. So what can we anticipate for enterprise Cloud strategies this year?

2. Best of both worlds – hybrid applications.

Companies are hesitant to make a full transition to the Cloud. And understandably. The disruptive element of transferring big volumes of sensitive data from traditional legacy apps to Cloud technology, is a complex and lengthy process. Not to mention the hesitancy over security. However, this fear is often based on the unknown, rather than the actual likelihood that things will go wrong, as well as the safety of sticking with what they already now.
This means that the answer for many traditional enterprises wishing to make the digital leap, is to first take a step in the direction of Cloud; by going hybrid.

3. Private cloud.

Companies will begin building on-premise Cloud solutions. Many of the applications enterprises have, can’t run in the public Cloud. It can also be more cost effective to run on a private Cloud. More public Cloud providers will start to develop enterprise-friendly features.

4. Multi-cloud strategy.

Multi-Cloud strategy, although complicated, can offer the best flexibility. Mixing and matching the best-in-class technologies and services from different cloud providers to create tailored, effective solutions to businesses.

There are many advantages to multi-Cloud over single-vendor strategies, such as the ability to leverage the best and most fitting Cloud-services from multiple providers, cutting costs and keeping businesses dynamic.

5. The future of multi-cloud.

For the most dynamic, flexible business infrastructure, services and platforms, more and more organizations will opt for a multi-Cloud strategy. The continual innovation and development of Cloud solutions by competing providers allows those with multi-Cloud to remain proactive in the market.

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