Why you should embrace digital transformation.

If you remain unconvinced of the benefits, let’s look at what going digital can do for your organisation. Starting with streamlining business processes.

Digital Transformation for Dummies

“What is the digital transformation, exactly?”, some of you may still be asking, feeling left behind by the new jargon circulating around enterprise and tech communities alike.

Simply put, digital transformation is the reinvention of an organization using digital technology. It is a profound transformation of the total sum of an organization’s business activities, processes, competencies and models.

Why go digital?

Why is it necessary? Well, to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way, this change must be embraced. At Rojo, we call this future-proofing.

It’s big scale stuff. So, let’s begin by breaking it down:

1. Business Process Integration

You’re now a big organization or ready to scale up. Your company runs on many complex processes, which are fragmented across the enterprise. The business process model needs some reshaping and you are in need of integrating your processes to make clear and concise distinctions and choices about the functioning and operation of your enterprise. Integrating your business processes is essential in creating great efficiency and cost effectivity in this fast-paced digital age. Keeping you dynamic, agile, and ready for future challenges to come.

2. Migration to the Cloud

If your organization is still running on legacy apps, or even a hybrid cloud system, you need start rethinking your IT strategy. Transitioning your apps to cloud computing is a must if you want your IT infrastructure to stay flexible, stable and secure. Cloud systems will provide you with the dynamic infrastructure you need to remain adaptable to financial, procedural and customer relationship requirements of today and of the future.

3. Security and Infrastructure

With rapidly progressing and ever more intelligently designed attacks to organizational IT infrastructure worldwide, it is essential to not just protect but also counteract. Vast developments in security are being continuously made, to protect systems and fend off impending threats. Protection you wouldn’t necessarily have to defend yourself from attackers, without cloud systems integration.

4. What are the possibilities?

Reviewing your organization’s digital strategy is essential. Business process application and integration, and process orchestration are technically complicated projects that take up a lot of time. It is necessary to build in-house capacity through expert training courses, or outsourcing Integration Specialists on a project basis. Involvement of specialist third parties can provide vital insight into the requirements, expert project management, and a tailored service specific to your unique organizational challenges.

Find out where you can start by exploring the possibilities, or get in touch with our expert integration consultants.