Access Delegation and Data Sharing Across the Supply Chain with iSHARE

Unlock the potential of your supply chain by securely sharing data with our iSHARE accelerator.

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Automatic Service Case Creation in ServiceNow with IoT

Integrate ServiceNow and MQTT to ensure your service agents are immediately notified when there is a new service case.

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Automated Incident Creation in ServiceNow Based Upon ERP Events

Eliminate inefficiency with our ServiceNow accelerator and automatically create incidents based upon events happening in your ERP system.

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Integrating SuccessFactors with ServiceNow Asset Management

Automate the synchronisation your HR platform with your asset management solution and speed up on an offboarding processes of employees.

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Employee Document Replication from SuccessFactors to SharePoint Online

Achieve transparency and increase collaboration by integrating SAP SuccessFactors with SharePoint Online, taking a load off from the hands of your HR department.

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Customer Synchronisation Between Salesforce and SAP S/4HANA

Integrate your ERP system with your CRM platform and allow everyone in your organisation to work with the latest relevant data. 

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