Data exchange between supply chain parties is business as usual in the logistics and it is critical as the goods they digitally represent. Whether it is a sea-container that needs to be picked up by a logistics service provider or simply the delivery of an online-shopping order at the front door of an end-customer. All those interactions require a vast amount of data to be exchanged in an efficient and secure way. What if that could be done faster, standardised and at lower costs than the competition? With the Rojo iSHARE accelerator, it is possible! Now you can share data with parties in the transport and logistics sector, including with new and previously unknown partners. 

Share your data securely with delegated parties.

The iSHARE Adapter enables organisations running SAP to trust new logistic partners by using a data-sharing standard. It is the exact answer to the aforementioned recurring challenge of exchanging data with a new party in a trusted and simple way. iSHARE is an industry wide data sharing agreement by providing technical standards for identification, authentication and authorisation.

The misuse of the shipment data has legal consequences, however the iSHARE scheme is open enough to also allow the LSP to delegate access to the carrier company for the same shipment data.  


In this use case we will look into the iSHARE accelerator validating the delegation policy and the involved parties. Initially SAP sends the shipment document as outbound IDOC to SAP Cloud Platform Integration. The iSHARE accelerator then validates the involved parties in the iSHARE network via the Scheme Owner integration. In the next step, it requests and validates any delegation policy from the iSHARE Authorisation Registry in order to assess whether the LSP has access to this shipment data at that specific time and location. If these checks are passed, the trust has been confirmed and the shipment data is sent out to the LSP for the goods to be delivered. 


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iSHARE Accelerator for SAP Integration Suite

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