Many organisations around the globe are using ServiceNow, to log incidents and IT related requests across their application landscape. Often, key users must manually report any incident in ServiceNow. This manual action can be inefficient, error-prone, costly (requires human actions) and causes delays to the process of reporting and fixing issues. With the help of the ServiceNow accelerator, you are able to automatically create incidents in ServiceNow based upon the events happening in your ERP system.

Eliminate manual errors and become more efficient.

ServiceNow is a leading SaaS provider, offering technical management support, such as IT service management to the IT operations of large corporations as well as providing help desk functionality. Its core business revolves around management of “incident, problem, and change” of IT operational events. Our ServiceNow adapter automates incident creation in ServiceNow based upon the events happening in your ERP system. This automation reduces the total cost of ownership and shortens the incident reporting time. In addition to creating incidents, the accelerator also makes it possible for you to read, delete or modify incidents according to specific business requirements. It enables organisations to manage almost all entities and business objects available in ServiceNow. This combines power of the accelerator also plays a big role in the synchronisation of incidents between two incident management systems; for example, between Jira and ServiceNow.

In this use case, we will use our ServiceNow accelerator create incidents when a technical complaint is registered in the SAP ERP back-end system via a customer portal. Based on the account, the type of complaint and the related product group, a ServiceNow incident gets created and followed up immediately by the support organisation with the right priority and background information to sort it out.

For any ERP or application, the ServiceNow accelerator enables automated event driven incident creation and management in ServiceNow. Any change or cancellation action that is configurable in your back-end system will trigger a matching incident and the right support group to escalate to in ServiceNow.


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ServiceNow Accelerator for SAP Integration Suite

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