Many organisations have widely adopted Salesforce as their CRM system, while keeping other core-processes in SAP.  In order to keep all processes and data aligned, companies need to establish a robust data synchronisation procedure. Our Salesforce accelerator enables you to do that in an elegant and efficient way. You would not want to  waste time on managing duplicate accounts,  dealing with outdated  customer and sales data, and having to make key decisions based on them. Integrating your ERP system with your CRM platform would allow everyone in your organisation to work  with the latest relevant  data.

Effortless synchronisation of master data made possible.

In this use case we describe a scenario using the ERP solutions of SAP; SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA and the widely known CRM SaaS application, Salesforce. It is essential when a new customer information is entered into Salesforce that this data is made available in a timely manner in SAP. This allows synchronisation of master data of financials, performance management and other business services managed by the ERP system.

We use SAP Cloud Platform Integration and our platform-supported Salesforce accelerator to receive push events when a Salesforce Object (SObject) Account has been created, updated or deleted. This results in real-time processing of these updates, and prevents the integration platform from polling for changes in the Salesforce application for a scheduled time interval.  

As a customer entity in SAP has different attributes and expected values (for example certain customer categories), we require a message mapping between a Salesforce Account message and the desired SAP Account message. With the Salesforce XSD generator this mapping generation is accelerated significantly. The plug-in, part of our Salesforce accelerator, allows you to create any Salesforce message structure XSD with a few clicks. Via the SAP IDOC adapter we are able to deliver the Salesforce Account to the SAP back-end, and a new customer gets synced! When this integration is fully automated it brings the following business benefits:

  • Elimination of the need for dual data entry, saving time and costs,
  • Fewer data redundancies and errors caused by manual data entry,
  • Enhanced agility to act on new information quickly.

No need to worry anymore about synchronisation issues such as manual error or delays with our Salesforce accelerator!


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Salesforce Accelerator for SAP Integration Suite

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