Being time-consuming and prone to human error, enterprise document management is traditionally among the processes that organisations first want to automate. By integrating SAP SuccessFactors, a leading SaaS HR platform with SharePoint Online, a cloud platform that helps organisations share and manage documents, you can avoid working with outdated or missing documents. 

Achieve transparency and increase collaboration.

It is critical to have documents synced between applications in your landscape; it allows everyone in the organisation, regardless of business domain or system, to work with the latest version. Especially HR systems deal with plethora of documents from candidate resume and payment documents to birth certificates. Using our SharePoint Online accelerator for SAP Cloud Platform Integration, now you can ensure all your SAP SuccessFactors data is stored on Microsoft SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online not only provides superior version control on the documents but also has a robust security framework necessary for such critical documents.

This use case deals with bringing these two applications together to enable employees, candidates and managers to upload and manage documents stored in SharePoint Online from the SucessFactors platform.

Documents uploaded by employees or candidates on SuccessFactors are extracted with a Read Snap and pushed to SnapLogic. Then by using the Upload Snap, these documents are uploaded to SharePoint Online. Once the document upload is successful, SharePoint online will return the direct link to the document. This link gets updated in the document metadata in SuccessFactors. Any update in the document will lead to a similar SnapLogic pipeline trigger and will result in respective document update on SharePoint Online.​

Leverage SharePoint Online as your document management platform for HR documents and achieve uniform, simple and single source of truth for all Employee Document Management!


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