In a multi-system IT landscape, a smooth synchronisation of asset data means efficient employee onboarding and offboarding processes. ServiceNow Asset Management integrates all aspects of information technology assets of your organisation. Our ServiceNow accelerator allows synchronisation with SAP Success Factors; a cloud-based human resources management system, and speeds up HR processes.

Automate the synchronisation of your assets and employees.

Organisations keep both IT and non-IT assets reserved for future employees. Following a new recruitment, these assets are assigned to the new employee as part of onboarding. When the employee lifecycle is complete, with the offboarding these assets get released and made available in the asset pool.

ServiceNow Asset Management tracks inventory and lifecycle of IT and non-IT assets. It is a very commonly used tool to manage lifecycle of assets in the organisation. On the other hand, SAP SuccessFactors is a cloud-based human resource management system that covers everything from payroll to employee engagement and deals with the employee lifecycle.  In short, ServiceNow Asset Management maintains your assets inventory while SuccessFactors maintains with all HR and recruitment data.

The integration of these two systems is made possible with our ServiceNow accelerator that connects to the SAP native solution SuccessFactors. The accelerator retrieves the data from ServiceNow and synchronises with SuccessFactors. This allows both applications to be up to date with the latest asset-employee assignment.

Synchronisation of an HR platform with an asset management solution is a frequently observed scenario. With our ServiceNow accelerator now you can automate this process and take loads off of your HR department’s hands!


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ServiceNow Accelerator for SAP Integration Suite

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