The increased number of applications in the IT environment of organisations is making end-to-end monitoring even more important. Monitoring shines a light on the dark areas of the IT infrastructure and gives the IT team the ability to act proactively when necessary.

Boomi AtomSphere integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) allows users to integrate any combination of cloud and on-premise applications without software, appliances or coding. An Atom, Boomi’s data processing engine, contains all the components required to execute processes. When a globally operating Dutch beer brewery got in touch with us about monitoring their Boomi AtomSphere integration environment, we suggested them our Boomi Monitoring solution for Splunk.

The Boomi Monitoring Application for Splunk we have developed comes with standard inputs to extract logs and metrics from Boomi AtomSphere APIs.

With this Splunk solution, our customer now can monitor:

  • Atom Status: Monitor in real-time the status of all Atoms.
  • Process Execution Records: Extract the status of executions running on the platform.
  • Process Execution Summary Records for low latency processes: Keep an eye on the overview of low latency processes executing through the platform.
  • Deployed Package & Process Information: Support Operations teams by keep tabs on the process deployments and packages on your Boomi Environment.
  • Boomi Environment information: Discover the setup of all available environments linked to your account.

Monitor, analyse, prevent.

Along with the data ingestion inputs, this solution comes with prebuilt dashboards to analyse and monitor overall status of the Boomi AtomSphere from day one.

Our Boomi Monitoring Application for Splunk allowed the Boomi Operations team of our customer to extract and start analysing their integration data centrally on Splunk in a matter of days. With one overview dashboard they can view the Atom status to execution overview and deployment status. There is a wider visibility and transparency in the organisation when it comes to the processes running and data being executed by the platform.

This customer is now one step closer to achieve a complete end-to-end application-level monitoring for all their integration platforms. How about you?


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Boomi Monitoring Application for Splunk

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