Mobile Mondays to Work From Home Wednesdays.

At Rojo we understand the needs of our individual employees. We believe in nurturing talented people, by giving them the space they need to think, create and grow. That’s why if you work at Rojo, you can enjoy flexible working each week, to work from home, a café, on the move, or in whichever way is best for you.

We want to look after the wellbeing of our staff as well as develop their professional skills, by taking into consideration their personal circumstances, and provide them with the opportunity to work in different ways.

What’s the science?

Not only giving you some time away from the office, scientific research shows that flexible working can significantly improve employee’s wellbeing, creativity, and levels of productivity. In turn this leads to greater job satisfaction, employee retention, and ultimately, faster career progression. You know the old saying, “think outside of the box”, well, why not just get rid of it? For a few days a week, at least.

Flexible workdays, just one of the many benefits of working at Rojo. Interested in working for us? Take a look at our career page to see what we’re looking for.